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A Better Solution

BeMyDD's designated drivers have become a better solution and alternative for thousands of customers nationwide looking to reduce their spending on taxis, limousines, and chauffeurs. We offer the services of a chauffeur at a discounted rate because we utilize our customer's cars. Our designated drivers are professionals, come dressed in a shirt and tie, and will ensure that you have the safest ride and most comfortable transportation experience possible. We offer designated driver solutions to businesses customers and individual customers alike. Our designated drivers provide solutions that prevent alcohol related problems, save lives, prevent people from suffering injuries, and prevent drunk driving. When you hire our designated drivers, you do not have to select an individual to remain sober, as the driver of a automobile, while others are allowed to drink.

> Benefits & Advantages
We are able to provide the quality of limousine drivers at a price that rivals that of a taxi.  Our services are provided in the comfort of our customer's cars by only the best drivers that have been hand selected to be part of our team.

> What Is A Designated Driver?
Designated drivers keep our roads safe on a daily basis.  Their importance cannot be overstated.  Find out exactly what a designated driver really is.

> Customer Testimonials
See what our customer's are saying! After reading their experiences you'll be sure to try a driver for yourself.

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Take a look at the answers to our most common questions, or click here to speak with a customer service representative now via Live Chat.

> DUI 101
Learn why drinking and driving is no laughing matter. Thousands of people are killed each year due to alcohol related crashes. Be socially responsible, and keep you and your community safe by utilizing a designated driver.

> Cities We Service
BeMyDD is quickly expanding, and launching in new locations every week across the U.S. Take a look at where we currently provide services, and where we'll be opening shortly.

> Business Partnerships
We partner with businesses all accross the country that promote our services to their clientele. These are establishments that are promoting social responsibility and making a conscious effort to decrease drinking and driving. They understand that providing an alternative is better than acknowledging the problem without identifying a solution. 

BeMyDD is the alternative you've been looking for. There is no need to flag down a taxi on the curb, or pay the high prices of limousines and chauffeurs. Let one of our professional drivers operate your car safely, and at a very affordable price.