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Become a Personal Driver

Do you have professional driving experience? Are you eager to set your own schedule and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss? Dryver is looking for individuals with experience, professionalism, integrity, and a personable nature to join our network of drivers. Provide a valuable service to your community while earning supplemental income and building great customer relationships.

Driving Jobs on Your Schedule

Dryver offers three types of services to our customers.

Personal Driver Service

The driver will drive to the customer's pickup location, leave his/her own car there, and chauffeur the customer in the customer's car for the duration of the reservation (3-hour minimum). While the customer is out doing whatever they wish, the driver will remain with the car and wait until the customer is ready to return home or travel to the next location. At the end of the reservation, the driver returns the customer to the initial pickup location.

Pickup Service

A team of two people picks up a customer that has already driven his/her car somewhere. The driver's partner can be a family member, friend, or roommate, or we can pair you up with another Dryver driver in your area. The registered Dryver driver will drive the customer and their guests to a destination of choice as the partner follows in a chase car.

Event Services

Teams of drivers transport guests at weddings, corporate events, launch parties, or other large gatherings.

Our customer base is growing rapidly, and we are constantly looking for new drivers who meet our criteria. It is our goal to provide our customers with chauffeur-level service at a discounted price, so we expect all our drivers to maintain high standards of professionalism and customer service. If you feel like you meet these standards, we welcome you to join our network of drivers who are providing an important service to customers across the country.

As an independent contractor, you would decide when and where you work, selecting the zip codes you're willing to service.