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We have a unique need…

We will try to work with you to the best of our and the driver’s ability! We have clients that need us for the following “unique” needs and we are happy to match you with the right driver and try to work within your budget. ***Need a driver for long term (weeks, months, ongoing)?*** This is what our drivers would like ideally! We can find you a consistent driver and a back up! ***Need a daily driver for a commute?*** We can try to find a driver that lives close to you to take you daily! ***Have an overtrip planned?*** No problem, usually we charge for 13 hours a day (no matter how long they actually drive for). The driver also receives a meal stipend + hotel accommodation. ***Need to go long distance?*** We can help! All you need to do is arrange for the driver to get back via flight, one-way rental, bus, train, etc. If the long distance requires an overnight, please refer to the above.