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How does Insurance work?

At all times that you are using Dryver’s Services, you must have insurance against any and all liability that may arise out of you permitting the Driver to utilize your vehicle to provide services to you or someone else (“Customer’s Insurance”). The Customer’s Insurance must have limits at least equal to the minimum coverage required by the State in which the services are to be provided by the Driver. To the extent permitted by law, the Customer’s Insurance, including any excess coverage that the Customer may have, will at all times be the primary insurance to cover any accidents involving the Driver, the Customer or the vehicle during either Drive Time or Wait Time, regardless of whether or not the Driver is at fault for the accident. Although Dryver and the Driver may also have insurance, to the extent permitted by law, Customer may not rely on those policies for any purpose (regardless of the language in the various insurance policies). Customer will be liable for any damages that are not covered by Customer’s Insurance. You must provide your Driver with proof of Customer Insurance prior to each time you utilize the Driver’s services. If you are asking the Driver to operate a vehicle you do not own, you must have insurance covering the potential liability to the vehicle, any individuals in the vehicle, or any third party that may be involved in an incident. If necessary, you should purchase coverage from the rental car company if the car is a rental. If the insurance purchased from the rental car company does not cover the extent of the liability, you will be responsible for any excess liability. We recommend that you check with your personal insurance to make sure that you have permissible use – which covers drivers driving your vehicle.