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How do you screen and background check your drivers?

There are so many reasons to reserve a driver! From dinner, bar hopping to wine tasting, needing a quite ride to bust out some calls/emails on a long commute, attending large events or concerts - your driver is happily driving and waiting! ???? Are you travelling for business? Commute to your meeting in the luxury of your own vehicle while we do the driving! ????Do you own a business? We work with dealerships, bars or restaurants, events centers, real estate agents, senior transportation – let us know if you want to explore what a partnership would look like! ???? Taking a trip soon? Don't pay for parking at the airport! ??????? No one to take you to an upcoming doctor's appointment? That's okay, we've got your back, ....or your arm, hand or foot! When you reserve a personal driver with Dryver, your reservation is based on time, not destination. That means your personal driver will take you wherever you need to go, picking up your friends and making as many stops as you want to make for as long as you have reserved the service. The driver will also wait for you as needed. As long as we can get there and back within the period of your reservation, we can take you there!