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Driver Safety and Screening

When it comes to hiring a designated or personal driver, trust, dependability, and professionalism are a must. That’s why we require all of our professional drivers to meet the highest standards both on the job and off.

After all, our drivers represent our company with every drive they make.

Our Hiring Process

Initial Interview

Our team of interviewers assesses each driving candidate with an important question in mind: “Would I trust this person behind the wheel of my own personal vehicle?” If the answer is “no,” then we aren’t placing them behind the wheel of yours.

Background Check

We conduct the most rigorous background checks in the industry for all driving candidates that includes reviewing both a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) as well as a criminal background check.

The evaluation of background checks vary from city to city and is based on a combination of criteria specified in local laws and regulations governing rideshare drivers. Applicable laws specifying the criteria Dryver must follow when reviewing background check results vary considerably by state, so individuals might be disqualified for criminal offenses and driving history not indicated here.

Background checks are performed by Dryver’s third-party background check providers Sterling and Corporate Screening, each of which is accredited.

To provide rides, drivers must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license and have a minimum of one year of licensed driving experience in the U.S. The driver’s license must be active and free of disqualifying restrictions.

Subject to and in accordance with state and local law, some types of criminal convictions such as murder, sexual assault, and terrorism-related offenses will result in disqualification if they occurred at any time in their lifetime.

Convictions at any time in the driver’s lifetime for violent crimes, sexual offenses, and registered sex offender status, among other types of criminal records are also disqualifying. Pending charges for those categories of crimes are also disqualifying, unless and until such charges are resolved in their favor.

We place confidence in supplying our customers with drivers who meet their expectations.