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Customer Testimonials

At Dryver, we pride ourselves on our quality service and high level of customer satisfaction. Thousands have already discovered Dryver offers exactly what we advertise: excellent chauffeur services at a discounted rate. Our drivers are trustworthy professionals who share in a commitment to provide our customers the high level of satisfaction they deserve.

Here's just a sample of what our satisfied customers from across the nation have to say:

About The Overall Experience

".@Dryver used your service last night for the first time - will definitely use again."

- Mark Snyir

"Had great time last night. Got home safe by using Dryver. Best money spent of the night."

- Amy Guerzon

"This weekend I discovered the safest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to do wine country from SF! @Dryver is my new favorite thing."

- Meg O'Brien Ciarallo

"Just FYI – I’ve used your service now about 7-8 times, and I need to tell you that I've been nothing short of amazed by the level of quality provided by your drivers. Dryver is the best service offered in the last two decades. Thank you for being amazing, Dryver."

- John S. (Ohio)

"Great service. I will definitely use again. I've referred you to many of my friends."

- Bill Jilla (Miami, FL)

"Great experience."

- John C. (Naples, FL)

"It was perfect!"

- Marsha M. (Columbus, OH)

"Everything was wonderful!"

- Cheryl G. (Naples, FL)

About The Drivers

"I wanted to send a separate note to say how great of an experience we had with our driver, Jason. He was punctual, friendly and personable, and looked quite dapper. We had a great experience and appreciate the service on our special occasion."

- Meg O'Brien Ciarallo

"I just wanted to let you folks know this was the first time I’ve used this service, and I will be using it again. What a great alternative to driving after you've "had a few." Your service was as advertised. I received a call (shortly after I signed up) from an assigned driver (Ted Z.), and he was wonderful. He was very professional. He was 1/2 hr. early to start the service (impressive), made small talk throughout the evening and never made me feel guilty keeping him out late, and took me everywhere I needed to stop. Great job, great service at an affordable price! Keep up the good work!!!"

- Tyson (Cleveland Ohio)

"Fantastic driver. Top notch."

- Scott B. (Cincinnati, OH)

"Have used your services twice now. Always on time and delivered home safe with my car. Great concept, and Rich was a great professional driver."

- Leigh Ann H. (Dallas, TX)

"Used your services last night for the first time. It went absolutely perfectly and our driver, Rich, was very professional and courteous."

- Sarah S.

About Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

"Everything was exactly as advertised. I made the reservation and got a call back in 15 minutes. It was great.

- Michael F. (Swanton, OH)

"Terrific. Went an hour over my reservation and it was easy to just pay the driver. I'll definitely use Marvin again."

- Robert R. (Miami, FL)