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Car Pickup Services

If you've driven somewhere and need to be picked up, just use Dryver's Pickup Service to get both you and your car home safely. Once you request a pickup, we'll dispatch two drivers to your location, one to drive you home in your vehicle and the other to pick up your driver when finished. It's a convenient and affordable way to avoid leaving your car behind and having to pick it up the next day.

Pickup service
Get you and your car home safely


+ mileage

Request a car pickup and have our team of drivers take you home. All drivers come dressed in professional business attire and will call or text you upon arrival. When you are ready, you show them to your car, our driver will then take you and your car home while their partner follows behind. Once you are home safely, they will depart and move on to their next reservation.

We Drive Your Car,
So You Don't Have To®

Drive Me Home: How Car Pickup Works


Set up an account
and request a pickup


Your driver will call to confirm
the time and location.

Take your trip

A team of drivers will arrive, one to operate your vehicle and the other to follow. You and your car will be dropped off safely back home.


  • Prevent accidents and possible DUIs
  • Enjoy your evening without worrying about how to get home
  • Avoid having to pick up your car the next day
  • Let everyone in your group have fun without the responsibility of being the designated driver

What Our Customers are Saying:

"Have used your services twice now. Always on time and delivered home safe with my car. Great concept, and Rich was a great professional driver."

- Leigh Ann H. (Dallas, TX)

how it works:

In addition to pickup services, Dryver offers designated drivers at an hourly rate, as well as teams of drivers to cover events. Read more about our cost-effective services and how you can reserve a personal driver to meet your transportation needs.

All orders must be placed before 11pm EST. West Coast orders can be made until 11pm PST on Friday and Saturdays.

Cities We Serve:

From Maryland to Texas to Washington State, Dryver serves 76 cities across 31 states. View our map to see if your city is on the list.

Driver Screening And Safety:

We only refer drivers we'd trust behind the wheels of our own cars. Learn about our rigorous screening process and the care we take to ensure you have the best possible experience.